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Community Shredding

A Community Shred Day is an excellent addition to any town or organization. It provides a necessary service to residents and is a great way to bring people together. Contact us below to schedule your Community Shred Day event!

What is a Community Shredding Event?

A Community Shredding Event, or Shred Day, is a one or two-day event hosted by a town or community organization at a publicly accessible location. Residents bring documents to ACCSES Secure’s mobile destruction trucks and take advantage of shredding services available to them.

Who Can Host a Community Shredding Event?

This service is available to anyone; towns, government organizations, private organizations, non-profit groups, home associations, retirement communities, etc.

Who Pays for a Community Shredding Event?

ACCSES Secure charges a low fee to the host of the event. Many organizations use Community Shredding Events as part of a fundraiser or town cleanup day.

How Do You Prepare for Your Community Shred Day

The most important aspect of a Community Shred Day is attendance. Most individuals have documents and files they need to destroy. All you need to do is pick a time and day and reach out to your members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Why Host a Community Shredding Event?

Community Shredding Events provide a useful service to your community. With identity theft and exposed data a regular occurance, people understand the necessity of staying safe and secure.

What Happens to the Shredded Paper?

All shredded paper is transported to one of our recycling partners for processing. Your old documents will be used to create new products and lower our environmental footprint.

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