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Cloud Records Management

Are You Staying Ahead of the Competition with Enterprise Cloud Management Services?

Storing files locally in either an internal server or locally on your devices prevents employees from being able to work remotely or on the road. This can stifle creativity, efficiency and productivity. In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses require a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  

Cloud ECM provides an alternative way for organizations to manage their workspaces. Instead of developing, maintaining, and running content management applications themselves, access everything they need through the internet. Cloud services free IT departments from managing hardware, data and in-house server systems and provides scalable and maintenance-free “rented” solutions that allow you to only pay for what your organization needs. According to Nucleus Research, migrating to a cloud-based ECM provides 3.2 times the ROI of an on-premise solution. 

Document Management & Storage Solutions for Government & Businesses

Keeping HR documents, health benefits records, and other important documents safe and secure is a top priority for any business. As document management specialists, ACCSES Secure provides compliant cloud-based document management and storage solutions that fit any needs and budgets.

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