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On-Site Scanning

Why Choose On-Site Scanning Services?

We understand that some organizations have strict limitations on the handling of their confidential records. For these clients, ACCSES Secure offers on-site scanning services.

Our on-site process ensures your sensitive documents never leave your premises while still receiving the same level of quality as our off-site scanning services. 

How Does It Work?

We provide our staff with state-of-the-art portable document scanning equipment and deliver it to your premises. ACCSES Secure sets up a secure document imaging environment on your premises and begins the process of converting your documents to digital. We prepare index, and scan each of your files and integrate them into your document management system, giving you seamless and instant access to all of the new images.

Customized Schedule and Solution

Our on-site scanning services are fully customized for each client. This ensures we provide a solution-based service to our customers and leave them satisfied when we are finished. To receive your free, no obligation quote, fill out the form below. An ACCSES Secure team member will contact you to schedule a meeting and go over your on-site scanning options.

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